Analysis: Hope springs eternal for sports after covid-19 mess

If it were a boxing match, the coronavirus has knocked out all of sports in a fast and furious manner.

Sports events all over the world -- football leagues in Europe, 2020 Olympics, and NBA games to name a few – have been cancelled and reset to a later date without knowing what is in store in the future.

There are ifs and buts in these times of uncertainty and sports is not spared from the deadly fangs of the Covid-19 pandemic.


The big question now is: How can sports in general bounce back after the virus dies down?

Financial losses have hit the sports industry hard as a result of the rapid spread of covid-19. The biggest victims were European football, the NBA and of course, the 2020 Olympics which has been moved to 2021.

But hope springs eternal.

After the coronavirus eventually leave this face of the earth, sports is seen to recover, just like covid-19 patients who gallantly fought and willed to survive.


Luring fans back and rekindling their interest are tops in the list to pump interest again in watching games on television, at stadiums and online.

Experts suggest teams to cultivate fan base by making players, coaches and even officials to let fans know what is happening at the moment on a regular basis.


That could be successful if the media, as their tested and trusted ally, remain to be supportive even as havoc has already been done by the pandemic.

Teams and players can also resort to various advertisement ventures to try attract fans in backing their favourite teams again. Fans, meanwhile, are seen to re-ignite their interest in their teams to spur a win-win solution.

The cancellation of games had made fans hungry to watch their teams again. We are sure, once this global plague is hurdled, they will throw their full support and help their wounded squads to get up and about probably just like when they used to be before covid-19 struck.

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