About Us

Our Football Tipster Team

TipsPortal was founded in 2013 by a group of football prediction experts who had many years’ experience in football betting research and analysis, and had a common interest in giving their valuable knowledge to others who need it.

We realized a lot of punters were lacking a platform where they could obtain important information and free football tips. Most websites required punters to pay a subscription fee or fee for each tip.

We sincerely hope our predictions are able to increase punters’ win rate and return on investment. Our tips are purely for reference and we encourage punters to do their own research as well before making their own decisions.

Explanations are provided by our panel of best football tipsters of how they arrived at their conclusions. Our free football betting tips are the result of many hours of hard work and we sincerely hope they help punters make the best decisions when betting with the bookies!

Why Choose Us as the Best Football Prediction Sites

Our dream was to provide a free-to-use platform where punters could gather relevant information from as compared to other football prediction sites which mostly required a certain fee from punters to gain access to their content.

To achieve our goal, we invited some of the best football predictors from around the world. Our football prediction site is not only interesting but they also help punters to make informed decisions to beat the bookies.

By working with the experts, we are able to provide all punters with the best predictions that are accurate, data-driven and not just random guesswork. Our tips are the result of many hours of hard work and we are confident you will find us totally different from the football betting tips sites currently in the market.

Football betting in Singapore is a very common activity because football is a very popular and well-watched sport among the locals. There are also plenty of websites which punters can choose from. In the Top Tipster page, you can find many free tips for football betting in Singapore.

Free football predictions in Singapore are hard to find as most sites require you to either pay a monthly subscription fee or a fee for every tip they provide you. TipsPortal promises to provide punters the best football predictions in Singapore which are backed by professional and in-depth research. All these data will be at the tip of your fingers, absolutely free of charge!